Time Together

I have been working at my new job for a few weeks now.  Everything is alright there but it is not without its sacrifices.  Because Amanda and I are both working extended hours and are not home at the same time very often, we do not get to spend much quality time together.   Even when we do have a little time at night, the time is usually spent preparing for the next day, cleaning the house, or something else that seems like it needs to get done.

By the time the weekend comes it is not uncommon to be craving spending time together.  This may look like going to the grocery store together, watching netflix, or even sitting together doing our work.

On my drive in to work this morning I was pondering why we don’t treat God this way?  I mean, we* are pretty good at the first part, filling our schedules so that we have little time to spend with Him, but do not crave that time when it does become available.  In fact the times that I do find myself craving time with God are few and far between, and it takes a lot more than a long week of work to make me crave Him.

I think that in my case this is likely because of the way that I am tempted to see spending time with God.  If you look at my to-do list or at my calendar you might see “read bible” or “devotionals” or some other code-word for “spend time with God at this time of the day.”  If I only spent time with Amanda when it was in my schedule, I doubt that she would be satisfied with what this says about my priorities and God deserves even more.  God is relational, and our relationship with him should be (and often isn’t) on the top of our priority lists.

In the coming weeks, I hope to expound on this topic a little bit more because it has been something that has really affected my walk with Christ and my marriage.  I will have other posts interspersed, but I want to spend some time diving deeper into what God has to say and the practical implications of treating Him relationally as opposed to treating him like a task to accomplish and giving that relationship the highest priority, end long run-on sentence.

As always, I encourage you to be part of the conversation by commenting below and sharing your thoughts.



*When I say “we” I mean here people, in general, but mostly me.