Marriage is not all about… Love

It’s been awhile since I posted, so here are some thoughts that I’ve pulled together from some of my recent conversations and interactions! I’m assuming that the title of this post elicited some confusion, but let me explain first. These thoughts come from a conversation I had with my mom, and I wanted to flush... Continue Reading →


How I am failing as a husband.

Because you are all such good friends and have been reading along with this blog for a while now, I am going to share something that might be surprising: I am not perfect. Okay, so hopefully that wasn't too surprising.  I am only human and I try not to hide my faults.  If it was... Continue Reading →

Marriage is…

Many people have asked me "How is being married/married life/etc.?", and for a long time, I said something like "It's hard but good!". I recently read a blog post by a married Christian missionary that questioned why we always describe our closest earthly relationship as hard. Our two year anniversary is this week, and I'm... Continue Reading →

ATTN Feminists: The Man Leads at Home

As part of a weekly newsletter, our church, Citylight, sent several paragraphs briefly discussing the biblical role of men and women, and the relationship between them.  Among Christians, this is a widely debated topic.  This bible is clear, however, that a man is the head of his household (1 Corinthians 11:3).   Much to the... Continue Reading →

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