Grasping at the Wind

Overly the last year, I have read Ecclesiastes and have slowly started to gather some thoughts, but they seem just as applicable today. Interpreting, understanding, and enjoying the OT is something I wish I could say came easily, but if I'm being honest, I typically struggle with this way more than I would like. As... Continue Reading →


El Salvador – The Prodigal Son

Hello everyone, I apologize again that we have not posted a review of the trip yet.  We have had busy weeks with new stresses recently.  Amanda has recently started a new case with more hours and we have been working to get the house prepared for winter. I hate to disappoint, but we still do... Continue Reading →

Victory in Jesus

With the Olympics coming to a close in the next week,  I thought it would be a good time to revisit this post from last year.  This truth is something that I often need to remind myself.  I have added a little more to this post than was posted in 2014.  Comment your thoughts at... Continue Reading →

I’m Pressing the Reset Button Now

Reset. Start over. Try again. Do overs. I feel like this is my theme right now, and it is apply to every area of my life. I find myself getting stuck in a cyclical pattern of personal growth where I make some progress towards growth, then stop pursuing growth which means I stop making growth (or even... Continue Reading →

God is Always There

The coolest thing about our God is that He is always there, and He is NOT dependent upon me for any of it. Seriously, I had this seemly silly realization this week: God is like the best friend who I can pick up a relationship with, no matter when we had last talked! I love... Continue Reading →

It is God who redeems

Accountability. I need it. One great thing about this blog is that I am accountable for my quiet time with my Bible. How can I be writing in a blog that focuses on Him without spending time to focus on Him? Clearly, the answer is that I can't, and so here we go! This first... Continue Reading →

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