Community or Panzi Scheme?

Have you ever wished that God gave you a specific to-do list on how to live according to His will, and how to get the most out of it?  How do we make the biggest return on our investment? In a way, 1 Thessalonians 5:11-23 does just that.  It outlines specific ways that we should... Continue Reading →


Easter Reflection – why?

Happy Easter! Jesus is risen!  Okay, I missed the boat on getting this posted in time for Easter, like I had planned, but Jesus is still risen, right? Though I am sure, you saw a million articles about Jesus this Easter, I wanted to reflect back on something I was reminded of this year: the... Continue Reading →

Giving Our Best to God

When we think about giving offerings or tithes to God, do we really think about giving God the best fruit of our labor? I surely don't. Our church is preaching through Genesis, and so we talked about Cain and Abel! It's a classic story, but this part of the story at the beginning always confused... Continue Reading →

Equal Prices for Our Atonement

This year, I've embarked on the challenge to read the whole bible. Yes, it was supposed to be the whole bible in a year, but since real life happens and grace abounds, it's going to take a little longer! I've been practicing regular personal bible reading for a few years now, but this is the... Continue Reading →

Christianity is a Crutch

What is faith good for?  When  you ask people, you are likely to get a variety of different answers.  One thing that might be common among those answers may be something like “I  can lean on my God when I, otherwise, wouldn’t make it through.” I think that any Christian can recall a time when... Continue Reading →

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