So Will I – Hillsong United

I love this song; It has definitely been my most listened to worship song recently.  Feel free to play the video and listen before or after you read, but I would ask that for this song, don't bother reading what I write during the song, but focus on the lyrics - they are so very... Continue Reading →


Tortured for Christ Movie Review

I have a mixed opinion of Christian movies. I think they have a tendency to be poorly written, cliche, and void of any sense of pacing. That being said, I can also recognize when even a cheesy movie can be an enjoyable or thought-provoking experience.  Last night (3/5) we went to see Tortured for Christ. ... Continue Reading →

Lecrae – Tell the World

This song resonates with what it means to be missional.  We are called to live such good lives that everyone will glorify God (1 Peter 2:12).  Unfortunately, people do not become Christians by our deeds only.  We can not evangelize and share the Gospel without telling the world (with words) the truth about Christ.  We are... Continue Reading →

Rejoice – Dustin Kensrue

We have been doing this song at church for a while now, and the more that we do it, the more that I am finding truth in the lyrics. Most recently, I have resonated with the final verse: Rejoice, when you cry to Him He hears Your voice, He will wipe away your tears Rejoice,... Continue Reading →

In the Eye of the Storm

I have recently been walking in and out of difficult times.  I heard this song on the radio a couple of weeks ago and it was a great reminder that God is never-changing, and cares for us, even when we are right in the middle of the worst bits of life.  This is a simple... Continue Reading →

Moved By Mercy

For those who followed my old site you may know that I often used to share song lyrics and talk about them.  While I will not be doing that as often here, music is still a great way to share emotion and truth.  As such, I still plan to occasionally  (though I will try for... Continue Reading →

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