The Fairness of Election

Does God choose which people will follow Him and be saved, and which will not?  If God does choose people is that fair?  As a friend of mine often reminds me, this is a hot-button issue for Christians, known as Election.  If you are not familiar with these ideas already, or if you want  a... Continue Reading →


Grasping at the Wind

Overly the last year, I have read Ecclesiastes and have slowly started to gather some thoughts, but they seem just as applicable today. Interpreting, understanding, and enjoying the OT is something I wish I could say came easily, but if I'm being honest, I typically struggle with this way more than I would like. As... Continue Reading →

Community or Panzi Scheme?

Have you ever wished that God gave you a specific to-do list on how to live according to His will, and how to get the most out of it?  How do we make the biggest return on our investment? In a way, 1 Thessalonians 5:11-23 does just that.  It outlines specific ways that we should... Continue Reading →

Easter Reflection – why?

Happy Easter! Jesus is risen!  Okay, I missed the boat on getting this posted in time for Easter, like I had planned, but Jesus is still risen, right? Though I am sure, you saw a million articles about Jesus this Easter, I wanted to reflect back on something I was reminded of this year: the... Continue Reading →

Share Boldly? I don’t.

Do you share the Gospel? Why not? For me, one of the reasons that I do not share the Gospel is a deep-rooted fear that I will start bickering among those that I am sharing it with.  What about this thing that the Church does? Or the bible says these awful things?  Or whatever argument... Continue Reading →

Anti-Psalm 1

If you have been reading for a while, you will know that I tend to have three kinds of posts: 1) I write about the message of a song, or its meaning to me, 2) I expound upon random thoughts that I have had throughout the week, or 3) I have shared what I am... Continue Reading →

A Godly Man

What is a biblical man called to be like?  I do not know about you but sometimes, I feel like the bible doesn't talk very much about what it means to be a man, in general.  We get verses about being a godly woman, father, employee, husband, and many others but not really what a... Continue Reading →

Wifeward Bitterness

When we hear Colossians 3:18-25, I think that we often get stick on verse 18, "wives submit to your husbands." that is hard to hear in a  culture that does not value much other than one's own self.  The problem is that we get so hung up on this verse that we miss the rest... Continue Reading →

The 12 Obeyed

Recently,  I was reading through Mark 3 and came to the part entitled in my bible: The Twelve Disciples and wondered why did he choose only 12? The likely answer is that these twelve were those who would fully obey him*. This is not to say that others did not obey, but they were willing... Continue Reading →

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