So Will I – Hillsong United

I love this song; It has definitely been my most listened to worship song recently.  Feel free to play the video and listen before or after you read, but I would ask that for this song, don't bother reading what I write during the song, but focus on the lyrics - they are so very... Continue Reading →


Trusting God Hurts.

What does it mean to trust God? We often say things like "if we trust God, then everything will be alright".  This is 100% true, but probably not in the way that you expect. If we trust in God He will care for you, it may change your perspective of God and/or the situation, but... Continue Reading →

Tortured for Christ Movie Review

I have a mixed opinion of Christian movies. I think they have a tendency to be poorly written, cliche, and void of any sense of pacing. That being said, I can also recognize when even a cheesy movie can be an enjoyable or thought-provoking experience.  Last night (3/5) we went to see Tortured for Christ. ... Continue Reading →

Anti-Psalm 1

If you have been reading for a while, you will know that I tend to have three kinds of posts: 1) I write about the message of a song, or its meaning to me, 2) I expound upon random thoughts that I have had throughout the week, or 3) I have shared what I am... Continue Reading →

A Godly Man

What is a biblical man called to be like?  I do not know about you but sometimes, I feel like the bible doesn't talk very much about what it means to be a man, in general.  We get verses about being a godly woman, father, employee, husband, and many others but not really what a... Continue Reading →

Waiting for a Miracle

How often do we ask for a miracle?  I think I ask for miracles all the time.  I ask for the salvation of my neighbors and coworkers.  I ask for anxiety relief in my family.  I ask for a huge revival of Christian life.  I ask for miracles for the simple reason of showing off... Continue Reading →

Wifeward Bitterness

When we hear Colossians 3:18-25, I think that we often get stick on verse 18, "wives submit to your husbands." that is hard to hear in a  culture that does not value much other than one's own self.  The problem is that we get so hung up on this verse that we miss the rest... Continue Reading →

God’s Gifts

God has chosen the measure of our Gifts.  This is hard for me to remember.  I often have a tendency to compare myself to others and see that they are better than me in this way or that.  But, God has given us each gifts according to his will and his plan. If you are... Continue Reading →

Hope and Helping

The world we live in is not a pretty place.  From the hurricane that devastated Haiti to the violence that still ravages Syria and even still, more sorrow abounds.  In our personal experiences, we have a large variation in pain and sorrow.  Some constantly suffer while other seem impervious to suffering. One of the ways... Continue Reading →

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