The Bible is a Masterpiece

I'm learning a lot of new things about the Bible that I've never known before! It is exciting me, which is spurring me on to keep learning and reading! Most of what this post contains are not knew ideas, since many theologians and bible historians already had figured this stuff out. But it is new... Continue Reading →


Addressing our Memory Problems

There are many seasons, days, or hours where I can be tempted to think "God, are you even there? God, do you even care about me in this?" The Lord is working in my heart so these questions come less often (Praise Him!). But still, how often are we tempted to question God's presence, goodness,... Continue Reading →

Giving Our Best to God

When we think about giving offerings or tithes to God, do we really think about giving God the best fruit of our labor? I surely don't. Our church is preaching through Genesis, and so we talked about Cain and Abel! It's a classic story, but this part of the story at the beginning always confused... Continue Reading →

Equal Prices for Our Atonement

This year, I've embarked on the challenge to read the whole bible. Yes, it was supposed to be the whole bible in a year, but since real life happens and grace abounds, it's going to take a little longer! I've been practicing regular personal bible reading for a few years now, but this is the... Continue Reading →

Following Our Family’s Rules

What rules or expectations did your family set for you that everyone still follows? Were there rules about clothing (i.e. what to wear or not to wear during certain times)? What about dietary rules (i.e. eat these foods, but __ is really unhealthy so avoid that)? What about rules about how to spend your time?... Continue Reading →

Marriage is not all about… Love

It’s been awhile since I posted, so here are some thoughts that I’ve pulled together from some of my recent conversations and interactions! I’m assuming that the title of this post elicited some confusion, but let me explain first. These thoughts come from a conversation I had with my mom, and I wanted to flush... Continue Reading →

How do we obey God?

Have you ever asked how we actually, practically obey God? Have you ever wondered how we are supposed to do all the things that God commands? I have, and I have had a very hard time asking this question because most people respond with a “you just do it”. I always feel so discouraged because... Continue Reading →

Being a Cafeteria Christian

Have you ever heard of a Cafeteria Christian? This is the kind of Christian that walks up to the metaphor biblical cafeteria counter, and picks up the stuff they like, but leaves the stuff they don't like behind before moving onto the dining room floor to live out their meal. This idea has always bothered... Continue Reading →

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