About Us

Blah blah blah we are great 🙂 but Jesus is greater!




and now the boring stuff you probably thought you were getting when you clicked onto this page:

The Buckley Family

Dan and Amanda met at Houghton College (Houghton, NY) and we got married in October of 2014. Right now, we are living in Philadelphia, PA, and God is doing some great things in our lives! We have two housemates: Foster and Phil. Foster is our adorable puppy who brings us kisses and something to laugh about as he is not always the smartest creature out there. Phil is our live-in cook, maid, dog-watcher, and friend.

We both just graduated from graduate school, and we both work full-time jobs in our respective fields, which is such a blessing after several months of piecing part-time work together!

We are active members at Citylight Church in Manyunk; Dan serves with the prayer team and audio team (running the soundboard) and Amanda serves in the 3-K classroom. We love our church community and the friends that we have made there, and they have been such an amazing support system for us. We are also very involved with our small group, and we are looking into the possibility of leading one someday. Besides work, school, and church, we try to spend time outside and enjoying each other’s company. Dan loves to run, while Amanda loves to watch Netflix or read a book.We look forward to sharing more about ourselves each week!

Amanda Buckley

Hi! I’m the beautiful wife, married to the handsome and smart Dan, and if I had to tell you 3 things about myself that you may or may not already know, I’m a worrier, I love people, and I want to love Jesus more. I’m normally stressing out about something, and while sometimes I have something to worry about, most of the time, I’m just out in left field freaking out about something. I get through day-by-day with a lot of deep breathing, praying, talking, and sometimes crying. The Lord is SO incredibly gracious and is always surprising me with more patience and grace than I could ever imagine! I care a lot about the people around me, and I find myself in places where I’m supposed to work very hard to support someone (often a child) who needs a lot of attention. Between work and home, I’m always trying to care for someone, and some days, I do this better than others. You’ll probably see some posts where I’m trying to balance serving others and taking care of myself. Lastly, I want to love Jesus more. I want to be closer to Him and I want to be that crazy lady who is always singing His praises to everyone. I pray that He makes me bolder so that I can do this more and more everyday.

Anything else you should know? I’m the one on here who rambles and is too wordy. I’m the one who cries too much because I’m the emotional one. And I’m also the one who will hopefully let you into a little bit about who I am and how the Lord is using crazy little me, and maybe, He will use me to help someone else know Him.

Dan Buckley

To articulate who I am in a paragraph as I am about to do is not an easy task to accomplish.  I struggle to articulate my own subjective identity except that which I have been repeatedly reassured of by friends, family, and the bible.  I am a thinker, and often mull over the theology of the little things.  I am a scholar, I like to have “the right answer” and tend to search and read until I am satisfied with the answers to my questions, no matter what they may be.  I am a servant, though this may not be the trait that you expected to follow thinker and scholar, I would call this the most important of the three; I have a passion for finding ways to optimally serve my wife, family, friends, neighbors, strangers, and enemies as Christ is calling us to do.

When you read this blog you will be able to easily distinguish my writing from Amanda’s.  For my beautifully long-winded wife, her words flow so that you can hear her every emotion packed into every paragraph.  I, however, am not of the verbose sort.  I will likely have shorter, less emotion-filled posts.  Yet still, I hope that together we can articulate and explore what it means to live a Christ-centered life together.