Hope and Helping

The world we live in is not a pretty place.  From the hurricane that devastated Haiti to the violence that still ravages Syria and even still, more sorrow abounds.  In our personal experiences, we have a large variation in pain and sorrow.  Some constantly suffer while other seem impervious to suffering. One of the ways... Continue Reading →


Full bladder

So I have been pondering a really important question for some time now and thought I would share my struggle. The question: what is the appropriate time to use the bathroom at church? I mean, i'm sure you have had that time when you just really had to go but were not really sure what... Continue Reading →


In video games you have to make choices.  Many times you have to choose to risk making a sacrifice to accomplish your goals.  A video game culture term when you have just made that sacrifice  is "worth."  Perhaps you make a risky move, take down an enemy, kill the big dragon, and then you die.... Continue Reading →

The 12 Obeyed

Recently,  I was reading through Mark 3 and came to the part entitled in my bible: The Twelve Disciples and wondered why did he choose only 12? The likely answer is that these twelve were those who would fully obey him*. This is not to say that others did not obey, but they were willing... Continue Reading →

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