Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving! May we be a people eternally thankful for the infinite graces we have been given. Do not spend a long time reading posts, articles, and stuff online today.  Instead, spend time with family, in prayer, and in the word.


El Salvador – The Prodigal Son

Hello everyone, I apologize again that we have not posted a review of the trip yet.  We have had busy weeks with new stresses recently.  Amanda has recently started a new case with more hours and we have been working to get the house prepared for winter. I hate to disappoint, but we still do... Continue Reading →

Lecrae – Tell the World

This song resonates with what it means to be missional.  We are called to live such good lives that everyone will glorify God (1 Peter 2:12).  Unfortunately, people do not become Christians by our deeds only.  We can not evangelize and share the Gospel without telling the world (with words) the truth about Christ.  We are... Continue Reading →

How I am failing as a husband.

Because you are all such good friends and have been reading along with this blog for a while now, I am going to share something that might be surprising: I am not perfect. Okay, so hopefully that wasn't too surprising.  I am only human and I try not to hide my faults.  If it was... Continue Reading →

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