Back from El Salvador

In case anyone missed it, we have returned from El Salvador!  The trip was fantastic and we saw God at work in a lot of different ways.  Right now, we are catching up on all of the things that we were not doing while we're in El Salvador (work, school, etc).  We both plan to... Continue Reading →


Being a Cafeteria Christian

Have you ever heard of a Cafeteria Christian? This is the kind of Christian that walks up to the metaphor biblical cafeteria counter, and picks up the stuff they like, but leaves the stuff they don't like behind before moving onto the dining room floor to live out their meal. This idea has always bothered... Continue Reading →

A Pre-Programmed Note

As you may know, Amanda and I are in El Salvador right now.  While here, we do not have internet access.  Fortunately for those keeping up with your readings, WordPress has a nifty feature that lets me write a post that will be published at a predetermined time (pro-tip: almost all of the posts that... Continue Reading →

God’s Will For You

God's will for your life is not complicated.  In fact, he tells us exactly what his will is in the bible. 3 For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you should abstain from sexual immorality; 4 that each of you should know how to possess his own vessel in sanctification and honor, 5 not in... Continue Reading →

El Salvador – Staying Connected

At this point you probably know that we leave this week for our trip to El Salvador.  If you would like updates while we are there you have two options: 1. Request access to the Facebook group: "Citylight El Salvador 2016".  One of the admins will allow access to the group. 2. Send us your email address... Continue Reading →

Marriage is…

Many people have asked me "How is being married/married life/etc.?", and for a long time, I said something like "It's hard but good!". I recently read a blog post by a married Christian missionary that questioned why we always describe our closest earthly relationship as hard. Our two year anniversary is this week, and I'm... Continue Reading →

El Salvador – 1 week away

One week from today we will be landing in El Salvador! It is only in the last few weeks that it has really hit us that the trip is so close.  For today's post we want to share some of the ways that God has already been working though this trip. One of the coolest... Continue Reading →

What Makes Me Cry

I am not really emotional.  In fact, Amanda will likely tell you that I am incredibly muted and don't show too much emotion.  Secretly, I sometimes even wonder if there is something wrong with my amygdala but the curiosity quickly passes. A good joke will make me force a smile.  The best gift will bring... Continue Reading →

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