Living the Mission: El Viaje a El Salvador

We are always full-time missionaries, and right now, we [Dan and Amanda] are on the mission field in Philadelphia. We love the verse from 1 Peter 2 that tells us exactly what full-time missions looks like:

 Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day He visits us. – 1 Peter 2:12

Well, as some of you may know, we are preparing for a missions trip to El Salvador this October! We are going to be doing some very exciting things:

  • Working with an after-school program for youth to help keep them off the streets and out of gangs – Schools end even earlier there, and so gangs have plenty of time to try to pick up the kiddos when they are out and about after school.
  • Working with a deportees – Over 100 El Salvadorns are deported back to El Salvador each day, but these individuals often speak little Spanish and are used to American culture. The ministry we are partnering with for the week tries to meet these people when they arrive in El Salvador and provide them another option than simply going back into gang life.
  • Determining the possibility of a medical clinic – Our church (Citylight) has many medical students and professionals, and so a part of the trip is determining if a long-term relationship for hosting a pop-up clinic will be possible.

A long time ago, the Lord placed a specific desire in both of our hearts to live, work, and serve Him in another country. While we are not ready to move away yet, we believe that He will use this trip to help us learn and refine our cross-cultural skills, help us discern if He will send us to Central America again, and help solidify our calls and desires to serve Him wholeheartedly, wherever He calls us.

So what now? Well, please pray for us! There are a lot of details to manage to get us out of here in just 2 months! Pray for our team leaders as they finalize the plan. Please also pray for our hearts (for both our hearts and the rest of the team; there are almost 15 people going!). Pray that the Lord gives us an attitude of trust and humility as we embark on this adventure. Also pray for safety and health both before and during the trip!

The other big area that we need prayer for is to financially support the trip. We need $4000 for both of us to go. We are very far away from that goal, but we wholeheartedly trust that the Lord will provide the funds that we need. Since He has put this into our laps and we believe He wants us on this team, then we fully trust that He will provide.

Thank you so much for following us on our journey with this blog, and we look forward to continuing to share what the Lord is doing in our lives!

If you are feeling like the Lord is leading you to pray and/or financially support us, we would love to connect with you! Feel free to email us at if you would like to directly communicate with us. If you would like to directly contribute, you can go online to and designate the gift to El Salvador – The Buckley’s. You can also send checks (again, please specify El Salvador – The Buckley’s very clearly) to PO Box 29159 Philadelphia, PA 19128.



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  1. Also, if anyone is willing and able to help us with our Spanish in the mean time, we would love the extra practice!

    Además, si alguien está dispuesto y es capaz de ayudarnos con nuestro español en la media hora, nos encanta la práctica adicional!
    Solía traductor Google para este, 🙂 Tenemos que practicar nuestro español antes de ir!


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