A short thought for today. If you didn't know, my birthday was last weekend.  (thank you for everyone's birthday wishes).  I wanted to share something that is often shared at our church that holds a lot of truth: You had nothing to do with your birth: ask your mother.  It is the same with your... Continue Reading →


Moved By Mercy

For those who followed my old site you may know that I often used to share song lyrics and talk about them.  While I will not be doing that as often here, music is still a great way to share emotion and truth.  As such, I still plan to occasionally  (though I will try for... Continue Reading →

Reading in the Old Testament

I was asked the other day if I was a Christian who used both the Old Testament and the New Testament, and I responded with a mildly confused, but affirmative answer. And then I thought about it more, and realized that since we live in such a "you-pick" culture with so many different kinds of... Continue Reading →

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