The Enemy Uses Facebook

I realize that lent is well past over, but I wanted to write about my experience a couple months ago. During this past Lenten season, I finally committed to doing my first fast, and I chose Facebook. I learned one thing quickly: Facebook was only a means to an end, and there were a lot of things that acted as “Facebook” throughout my day. Removing the app from my phone and blocking the site on my computer did not stop my heart from acting out. Don’t worry, I’ll explain a bit more.

I learned that I went to Facebook when I was bored, overwhelmed, tired, or when I wanted an escape from the world. My goal with my fast was to force myself to dwell on the Lord instead of turning towards my favorite social media because I wanted to grow in my relationship with the Lord and adjust my perspective on life. Sadly, once I stopped turning to Facebook, I found other things drew my attention. I quickly realized what I was doing and I tried to takes steps to remove new distractions. I had to say no to Pinterest, Reddit, games on my phone, my calendar, email, messengers, etc. There was always SOMEWHERE I could look to try to find entertainment! I couldn’t just sit quietly without something to occupy myself. I’d even just scroll through the screens on my phone! Apparently, it wasn’t just Facebook that the enemy was using to keep my eyes from the Lord, but it was more than that.

After 40 days of not checking Facebook (and I didn’t even cheat on Sundays, which apparently some people do), I learned one big thing: there is always something that is pulling my attention away from the Lord, and I have to fight really hard to keep my focus on Him. We entitled our blog “On Things Above Us” because we want to be putting our mind on things above, just like we are called to do in Colossians 3:1-2. This is really hard to do. But we are told to do this, so we need to do whatever it takes to keep our hearts and minds in the right place. For me, I’m limiting my social media use more. I did it for 40 days, and while the addiction didn’t seem as strong for a bit, I quickly felt myself being lured back to Facebook. The Lord gives help and grace to those who trust in Him, and so I trust that He will help me fight this temptation and keep my eyes on Him.


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