I am a Control Freak

For those of you who know me, you may not think that I am a control freak, but I am.  I tend to be rather easy-going and flexible.  I can roll with the punches.  I am resilient and versatile.  and I am a control freak. God has recently been shedding light on my desires for... Continue Reading →


God is Always There

The coolest thing about our God is that He is always there, and He is NOT dependent upon me for any of it. Seriously, I had this seemly silly realization this week: God is like the best friend who I can pick up a relationship with, no matter when we had last talked! I love... Continue Reading →

Father’s Stubborn Gifts

So, if you didn't know, last Sunday was fathers day (its okay if you need to stop reading and apologetically call your father).  My dad is pretty great.  Don't get me wrong, he has his faults, but I love my dad.  There is one thing that I cannot get passed, however.   Every chance he... Continue Reading →

The Enemy Uses Facebook

I realize that lent is well past over, but I wanted to write about my experience a couple months ago. During this past Lenten season, I finally committed to doing my first fast, and I chose Facebook. I learned one thing quickly: Facebook was only a means to an end, and there were a lot... Continue Reading →

Time Together

I have been working at my new job for a few weeks now.  Everything is alright there but it is not without its sacrifices.  Because Amanda and I are both working extended hours and are not home at the same time very often, we do not get to spend much quality time together.   Even... Continue Reading →

It is God who redeems

Accountability. I need it. One great thing about this blog is that I am accountable for my quiet time with my Bible. How can I be writing in a blog that focuses on Him without spending time to focus on Him? Clearly, the answer is that I can't, and so here we go! This first... Continue Reading →

Getting Started

I am excited to get things started!  If you have not already guessed it, Thursday's will be the day for Dan-updates and thoughts and you can check for what Amanda is writing on Mondays.  If you have not already, feel free to check out the rest of this site to see more of our thoughts... Continue Reading →

Ready to go!

We are ready to launch! For the past several months, Dan and I have been saying that we are going to start a blog together! There is no better time than right now! Through this blog, we will have weekly posts from both of us (I'll be posting on Mondays), and we will have a... Continue Reading →

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